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Interesting Rail Fact in Chongqing, China

For those who don’t know, I had my undergraduate studies at a mountainous city called Chongqing. It is one of the municipalities city in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing), meaning the city is directly controlled by the Chinese government. Metro Chongqing has a large population of 18.4 million people.[i] Chongqing is located at the Midwest of China, four major parallel mountains across the whole province, and 2 major rivers (Yangtze River and Jialing River) run through the area.

Above is just a little background of Chongqing, the city’s topography is a typical mountainous city in China. Like other metropolitans, Chongqing has many modern skyscraper, and modern public transportation is convenient to get around each of the districts. Monorail is one of the most used way to get around in the city. Remember that the city is built on the mountainous topography, which means the rail can’t always run underground, it kind of look like the trains run from tunnel to tunnel.



City Skyline

(Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/39/SkylineOfChongqing.jpg/842px-SkylineOfChongqing.jpg)

I would like to share some interesting stories when I lived in this city.

  1. Underground construction going on everywhere. Our campus in located in the middle of downtown. Same as regular campus, we have football field, library and classroom buildings. Regardless what’s on the surface, the underground level is all retails stores. Basically, the whole underground of the campus was under construction. The first year when I was there, my classmates and I could hear the “bomb” sounds when they were building the underground railway.
  2. The only flat area in this city is used for the airport.


The Picture above shows the typical traditional mountainous building in Chongqing (Daytime view)

(Source: http://www.chineescapade.com/Admin_Manager/uponepic/guide-touristique/images/20141/ancienne-Chongqing-article.jpg)


The complicated topography makes the night view really stunning. (Night time view)

(Source: http://www.echinacities.com/userfiles/2010-Year/10-Month/9-Day/image004(2).jpg)


(Source: http://travel.chinesecio.com/en/image/attachement/jpg/site3/20091010/00235aa6948a0c3a34081b.jpg)

         3. The only flat area in this city is used for the airport.


Staircase everywhere (Apple store plaza)

(Source: http://cdn.iphonehacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/apple-jiefangbei-store.jpg)

        4. When you get off the monorail, you will be surprised to find that you are at the 8th floor.


Highest overpass between buildings

(Source: https://i2.wp.com/china-underground.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Highest_overpass.jpg?fit=1000%2C750)

        5. The most astonishing fact is that the rail goes through core of residential flats in the middle.  


(Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/news/2017/03/20/JS123737351_Visual-China-Group_Light-Railway-Passes-Through-Residential-Building-In-Chongqing-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqr1-IQesdsNm9WbsCncdC0h-6hHT5d1My5NPMLxxGU0U.jpg)

        6. Complicated transportation.


(Source: http://icaa15.cqu.edu.cn/common/images/night_view2.jpg)

The city still charming to me, it is so special. I love Chongqing, includes the scenery, the people and the Sichuan cuisine.

[i] http://countrydigest.org/chongqing-population/


Mei Fang, is an urban planner with a strong passion in urban and landscape design, she also enjoy looking for the variety culture inside of the city.


2017, We’re Ready for You!

We asked each staff member of Nspiregreen about theirs hopes and goals for 2017 here’s what we said:

Mei:  2016 has been a challenging year for me, but it was filled with many unforgettable moments, such as graduating from with my Master’s degree and getting married. My wishes for 2017 are more great memorable moments and a more peaceful world. I hope to get my LEED Certificate during the first half of the year, improving myself on a professional level. I hope to have the chance to go back to my hometown in China to visit my friends and family. I have many dreams and wishes, some of the simpler desires include breaking my habit of sleeping late; visit New York City, cleaning out my closet, and to stay in shape.Finally, it’s going to be a bright new year, my most important wish is for everyone’s continued happiness throughout 2017.

Christine: In 2016, a lot of things were knocked down for me, but as one of my favorite rap lyrics and personal mottos goes “sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up”- Mystikal. In 2017, my focus is going to be on the concept of “building”. I want to build up my skills in some areas, especially hand and computer renderings, technical capabilities, knowledge base, and being a leader. I want to build in time for people, things, and experiences that bring me joy.

Fabiana: My wish for this new year is that everyone, including my family, colleagues and friends, have a and a healthy, happy and prosperous life. To create this happier, healthier and more prosperous life for myself, my goal is to keep growing personally and professionally by being in the best disposition to learn, challenge myself and try new performances in my life. My greatest desire is to enjoy from the greatest to the smallest events happening in my life.

Chanceé: Like the dawn of each year, I expect 2017 to be a year of dreams fulfilled and goals accomplished. I desire to spend more time with my amazing new little family. I dream of spending days relaxing in front of clear blue water while jotting down new ideas that I make come to pass. I wish to give more of my time to causes I care about and have goals to do new things with Nspiregreen. As my family at home grows, I pray abundant blessings over Nspiregreen in the new year so that my work family can grow too. This is my hope for 2017 may the odds be ever in my favor.

Veronica: Usually I start the year with a list of goals I’m going to accomplish and things I’m going to do for the year. After ending 2016, physically and mentally exhausted, I’m looking forward to doing less in 2017. My hope is to take some things off my plate, say “no” more, travel more, and be radical with taking personal time outs. I want to reorganize my day to provide more time to think and be creative, so I can continue to create a vision for Nspiregreen and the urban planning business unit.

These are our hopes for 2017. What are your hopes? What are your goals?

Photo from "monkeys with cameras" on flicker

Closed for the Holidays

At Nspiregreen, we believe the holidays are a time to spend with friends and families.  When we were mapping out the type of company we wanted, one of the first decisions we made was to close the office for the holidays.  We will be closed from December 23, 2016 through January 1, 2017. During this time we will not be checking email or answering phones.


We hope you have a safe and happy holidays!



Chanceé, Veronica, Christine, Fabiana, & Mei



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