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Don’t worry there’s still time to redeem yourself.

Engagement is more than my career; it’s how I view the world. I believe connections are the nucleus of how people coexist in their personal and professional lives. I have the luxury of experiencing connections every day, on every project, and I want to extend those gifts to you. In my opinion, the commonly missed marks of engagement include what it means to connect, understand the audience, and how to communicate clearly to engage their audience.

Connecting with people is not as simple as it sounds. It’s a two-way street. There are pre-requisites to understand before a connection is possible. Let’s begin by defining what it means to connect. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to connect means “to place or establish in relationship”. Think about how you form the relationships in your life. The level of effort given and how you communicate depends on the person or circumstances. To engage with your audience, you apply the same principles.

Often times, consultants are caught up in their own perspective and forget to take a step back and understand their audience. A good first step would be to question things like: Who is my audience? What are they like? What are their concerns? How will my product or service provide a solution or benefit to them? How do I assess their needs? How do they receive their information? Do I have the capacity? What are conflicting priorities? The ground work in the beginning will save you time, money, and plenty of headaches in the long run – you’re welcome in advance. This information can be immediately used or reserved until later on the process – trust me. It’s vital in communicating properly with your audience.

After you understand your audience, you can plan for the best way to engage your audience and communicate with them clearly. Mining attention is difficult; you have to be mindful of how much information a person is exposed to on any given day and what their personal priorities are. Think about how much information you are exposed to on any given day through emails, print media, social media or word of mouth. Which method is the best way to reach you? What loops and bounds does someone have to go through to shift your priorities? Apply that perspective to your audience. It’s more than presenting information. It’s evoking an emotional response to lead to a reaction. If you need help answering these questions, now would be a good time to rely on the information you collected when getting to know your audience – I told you to trust me.

To be on target, it’s important to understand what it means to connect, what to communicate to build that connection, and how to connect with your audience. I leave you with this: engagement doesn’t stop when the project closes or the transaction is complete. Engagement is a continuous cycle.

Let’s keep this conversation going. Let me know how you engage your audience by commenting below.

Christina Glancy is a Pittsburgh Native who serves as our Community Outreach Specialist. She has built a unique perspective which blends project management, marketing, community involvement and data analysis. She has a successful track record of engaging diverse groups of stakeholders throughout the Transportation, Health Care and Cybersecurity Industries. She believes in changing the world one conversation at a time.



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