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The award-winning nspiregreen team has a passion for creating sustainability solutions in companies just like yours!

  • Chanceé Lundy

    Chanceé Lundy

    Chanceé is a community conscious engineer. This Selma, Alabama native uses her passion for eradicating inequities as fuel to provide technical competence and adept communication on environmental and transportation projects. As Co-owner and Principal of Nspiregreen, she is responsible for the management of environmental projects such as stormwater, energy, environmental policy, solid waste, air quality, and sustainability planning.

    She has been recognized as one of Ebony Magazine’s 30 Leaders of the Future and one of the Top 100 Most Important Blacks in Technology by US Black Engineer. Chanceé is a former National Chairperson of the National Society of Black Engineers.

    I became a planner/ engineer because… I have always been interested in helping communities become better. I understood that from the policy perspective but wanted to provide the technical expertise to communities. Growing up, I didn’t know what an engineer was but my love of politics, math and science opened this world of innovative problem solving to me.

    What would be her dream project? My dream project is to work on a transformational sustainable project in a developing country that builds capacity at the local level and meets the need of a community.

    If I weren't a planner/ engineer… I would either practice environmental law or work as a part of a global non-governmental organization dedicated to progressive change.

    Vital Statistics

    MS Civil Engineering - Florida A&M – Florida State College of Engineering
    BS Environmental Science – Alabama A&M University

    Water Environment Federation
    Chesapeake Bay Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee - Executive Board
    National Society of Black Engineers - Environmental Special Interest Group - Advisor
    Together Restoring Economic Empowerment (T.R.E.E.) Advisor
    Columbia Southern University - School of Business Advisory Board
    American Society of Civil Engineers
    Women’s Transportation Seminar
    National Society of Black Engineers (Lifetime)
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated

    Favorite Things To Do
    In her spare time Chancee` enjoys international travel, volunteering, cooking, writing books, and watching documentaries.

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  • Veronica O. Davis, PE

    Veronica O. Davis, PE

    Veronica has experience in both urban planning and civil engineering. She is a transportation guru who uses her knowledge to spark progressive social change. As Co-owner and Principal of Nspiregreen, she is also responsible for the management of the major urban planning functions such as transportation planning, policy development, master planning, sustainability analysis, and long range planning. She is a registered professional engineer in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.

    In July 2012, Veronica was recognized as a Champion of Change by the White House for her professional accomplishments and community advocacy, which includes co-founding Black Women Bike.

    I became a planner/ engineer because… I was influenced by my dad. He was a civil engineer and urban planner. Going to work with him meant sitting in the window watching the shipping operations at the Port Elizabeth in New Jersey or attending civil engineering conferences. Instead of dolls, my dad gave me a Lionel train set, Legos, and Tonka trucks. As much as I tried to believe I was going to Julliard to study dance, my life trajectory kept moving towards engineering and urban planning.

    What would be her dream project? My dream project would be designing an urban area around prioritizing pedestrians. This would be everything from signal timing, width of the sidewalks, and width of the streets.

    If I weren't a planner/ engineer… I would own a coffee shop on a beach in country that has amazing sunsets because those are my favorite things to experience.

    Vital Statistics

    Coursework towards a PhD in Civil Engineering – University of Maryland, College Park
    MRP Regional Planning –Cornell University
    MS Engineering Management – Cornell University
    BS Civil Engineering – University of Maryland, College Park

    Black Women Bike, Co-Founder
    Women’s Transportation Seminar
    American Society of Civil Engineers, National Transportation Policy Committee
    Transportation Research Board, Public Transportation Planning and Development Committee (AP025)
    National Society of Black Engineers (Lifetime)

    Favorite Things To Do
    In my spare time Ii enjoy biking around DC, yoga, traveling, and learning Spanish.

  • Mei Fang, LEED-GA

    Mei Fang, LEED-GA

    Mei is an enthusiastic and creative urban planner who has worked in planning profession area for about seven years. Her strengths are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and mapping. She has the passion for urban areas, and enjoy seeing how the city thrives/developed and how the community will shape people’s lives. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Urban planning and design in China, and getting her Master degree in Community Planning at The University of Cincinnati. She loves to work with communities and making positive contributions to public.

    I became an urban planner/designer because…I was always fascinated in the urban tissue of different cities, and curious about why it was shaped in that way. I would try to figure out the history, culture that influenced the city and residents’ habit. I think enjoying life is the best thing and the most important aspect in life, so I want create a “Utopian Society” for people to live in. Also, a good planning would bring people joy and happiness, and that’s what I want form my plan.

    What would be her dream project? My dream project would be to work on an urban design for a community to create charming landscape and pleasant environment, including unique character. It would be an ideal place for residents as well as business. The design not only improve the community’s beautification but also bring opportunities for local business.

    If I weren't a planner/ engineer…I would be a travel blogger, because traveling is one of my favorite things to do. It was a way for me to understand cities all over the world and know about their culture/history.

    Vital Statistics

    Master of Community Planning - University of Cincinnati
    Bachelor of Urban Design - Chongqing University

    American Planning Association

    Favorite Things To Do
    I love traveling and photography, also interested in fashion and music.

  • James Davenport, AICP

    James Davenport, AICP

    It’s been over twenty years since I earned my master’s in urban and Regional Planning at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. So much has changed in how we communicate and involve the local citizens in setting a vision for its future. I have seen how jurisdictions engage the public in the planning process, many of these approaches being quite innovative. My perspective in the planning profession is somewhat unique. I have worked in planning for several years as a project manager providing education and outreach to county officials, staff and key stakeholder groups on key planning issues such as transportation, water quality, collaborative land use and economic development. Working from a regional and national perspective at both NACo and MWCOG, I have been able to research and disseminate information on the innovative approaches cities, counties and regions are using to address the enormous challenges they are facing today. Recently I worked for a transportation department in Prince William County. As a Regional Planner, I represented the county in regional meetings and worked with planners and staff from other localities and transit agencies to help the region plan for its transportation future. In addition, I produced and submitted many project applications to help fund sidewalk/trail and highway projects in the County. This position gave me a perspective I never had before, not only working at the local level but in a suburban and sprawling county with challenges very different to Arlington County, where I live.

    I became a planner/ engineer because… I like to help identify solutions that meet the three-legged stool principle of planning: encouraging economic growth/prosperity, protecting environmental/historic resources, and maintaining equity among citizens in their communities. I also like to bring people together through a charrette, whether within a neighborhood or a corridor, and help them develop an identity what distinguishes their community from other communities. I provide an opportunity for people to identify and promote a key feature that displays the unique character of their community and set a vision for its future.

    What would be her dream project? From a macro perspective – I would like to produce and broadcast a weekly series on the Discovery Channel or the History Channel in which I present to the viewers the history of planning. From a micro perspective – My dream project would be planning and implementing pedestrian improvements along King Street on the Alexandria/Arlington border that runs from Quaker Lane to N. Beauregard Avenue/S. Walter Reed Drive.

    If I weren't an urban planner… I would have followed my father’s footstep into the insurance and securities business. I was looking to become a retirement and investment advisor for a local bank, but I decided to dedicate my energies in going to grad school and obtain my master’s in urban and Regional planning at VCU

    Vital Statistics

    Historic Preservation Program - Goucher College Center of Continuing Studies
    Master of Urban and Regional Planning - Virginia Commonwealth University
    B.A. in Economics with concentration in Psychology - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    American Planning Association, 1997-Present
    American Institute of Certified Planners, Earned in 2007
    The Road Gang, 2013 – Present
    Transportation Research Board/Transportation Safety Planning Subcommittee, 2013 – Present
    Arlington County Transit Advisory Committee, 2014 – Present
    Center for Watershed Protection Board of Directors, 2010 – 2012

    Favorite Things To Do
    I like to play the guitar, ride my bike, hike, and read. While I was growing up, I did a lot of fishing with my Dad.

  • Christina Glancy

    Christina Glancy

    Christina Glancy is a charismatic conversationalist. She has used her skills to build relationships and bridge communication gaps across the Transportation, Healthcare and Cybersecurity industries. As our community outreach specialist, she will cultivate relationships in the community and build upon our community planning program.

    I became a community outreach specialist because… I have a passion for learning from everyone that I meet to make the environment a better place. I always find myself organizing events or moving people on to the right path. Community Outreach gives me the opportunity to speak to a variety of people, learn new things and be innovative all while benefiting the community.

    What would be her dream project? I would like to coordinate a community event where people come together, communicate, build meaningful relationships and apply what they have learned in their everyday to improve their lives.

    If I weren't a planner/ engineer… I would be developing a non-profit organization to assist young girls in lower income communities with self-esteem and etiquette programs.

    Vital Statistics

    Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, Minor in Philosophy - Carlow University, 2013

    Big Dreamz, Inc - Vice President
    Women’s Transportation Seminar

    Favorite Things To Do
    I love to travel and experience new places and food. I like to work out and eat - a lot

  • Jazmin Kimble

    Jazmin Kimble

    Jazmin is a passionate, innovative designer who has a diverse background in Geodesign, GIS, Architectural design, Urban design, and Sustainability. She received her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and her Master of Science in Geodesign at Philadelphia University, now Thomas Jefferson University. Geodesign involves identifying and finding solutions to urban design and urban planning problems through the application of GIS technology, 3D parametric modeling, sustainable design approaches, innovative design interventions, planning strategies, and collaboration. She is interested in the way that spaces and cities can have an impact on the lives of people physically, mentally, and socially. She looks to empower and revitalize communities by creating equitable environments with design, planning strategies and initiatives, sustainable design approaches, and community engagement.

    I became a planner/designer because…Growing up I was interested with how spaces have the ability to create versatile experiences for people. I saw both the positive and negative effects of the conditions of the natural and built environment and how everyone was not granted the same access to adequate environments. It wasn’t until college that I became interested and fully aware of urban planning. I shifted my passion from utilizing the design of buildings to make a positive impact on people’s lives towards finding ways to improve and find solutions to urban challenges that can create more beautiful equitable and sustainable communities while keeping in mind the history and culture of a place.

    What would be her dream project? An ideal project would be a planning/design project for a low-income, middle-income community utilizing a collaborative approach to address the different issues in the community that surrounds the natural and built environment, food access, transportation, public health, education, environmental psychology, food and environmental sustainability, economic development, and social equity that empowers individuals and promotes an adequate quality of living.

    If I weren't a planner/ engineer… I would pursue a theater career in Broadway because of my love for dancing, acting, and singing simultaneously due to my exposure and involvement in the arts throughout my life. I have always loved musicals.

    Vital Statistics

    Master of Science in Geodesign – Philadelphia University/Thomas Jefferson University
    Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies: concentration in Architectural Design Technology – Philadelphia University/Thomas Jefferson University

    Be Social Change

    Favorite Things To Do
    I enjoy traveling and exploring spaces, dance, nature walks, horseback riding, watching films and series, and learning the violin. I also love to eat.



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