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Our company has successfully implemented unique strategies and solutions for a variety of clients. Below is a small collection of evidence that proves our ability to provide strong technical support and public engagement on multifaceted projects.

  • Vision Zero

    Vision Zero

    Vision Zero DC was an all-hands-on-deck approach to transportation safety. By the year 2024, the District will achieve zero transportation related fatalities and serious injuries through more effective use of data, education, enforcement, and engineering.

    As the prime contractor, we led a consultant team to engage the public and develop the content layout for the Vision Zero Action Plan. The public engagement included bus shelter ads, bikeshare station ads, public awareness events, youth summit, bikeshare campaign, and social media. We gained direct feedback from nearly 3000 residents in a span of three weeks through our public awareness events. These events had very high participation from underrepresented communities which spoke to the strength of the engagement methods. The feedback from the public awareness events was used to develop the priorities of the strategies in the action plan. At the youth summit, the team worked directly with young people to redesign two of the fourteen most dangerous intersections. Click on "Read More" to find out more about Vision Zero.

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  • moveDC


    moveDC is the award winning long range multimodal transportation plan for the District of Columbia. This coordinated plan addresses all modes of transportation in the District and was designed with significant public feedback. Nspiregreen was responsible for outreach to all eight wards within the District including Title VI groups and other underrepresented populations such as youth and seniors. In addition to outreach for the public meetings, Nspiregreen managed all the social media accounts, which included Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

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    Awards for the moveDC project:

    • Women's Transportation Seminar- DC Chapter - Innovative Transportation Solutions Award
    • American Planning Association - National Planning Excellence Award
    • American Council of Engineering Companies - National Recognition Award for Engineering Excellence

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  • Brookland-Edgewood Livability Study

    Brookland-Edgewood Livability Study

    The Brookland-Edgewood Livability Study evaluated the street network in the study area from a system perspective. Fundamental to this approach was defining the context and character of individual streets and determining what function each street serves in the greater network. Furthermore, to support a fresh look at the project area, the project team incorporated large scale transportation planning work; integrated small scale planning work, including various neighborhood studies that have been conducted in the study area; and identified opportunities for Low Impact Development within the study area to help mitigate runoff during strong storm events. After the team collected data and synthesized information, the team evaluated multi-modal traffic flows throughout the network, and identified tangible, on-the-ground solutions that foster safe and balanced management of the transportation system. In particular, measures aimed to maximize pedestrian and bicycle access, minimize negative impacts to residential neighborhoods, and promote efficient and safe operations/use of District streets.

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  • North South Corridor Planning Study

    Nspiregreen was a part of a team tasked with conducting a North South Corridor Planning Study that developed and evaluated improved surface transit alternatives in a nine-mile corridor between Takoma/ Silver Spring and Southwest in DC. This nine-mile corridor contained residents of all socioeconomic status, small businesses, a huge commercial corridor (Chinatown), Howard University and the National Mall.
  • Consolidated TMDL Implementation Plan

    Consolidated TMDL Implementation Plan

    The District of Columbia is committed to cleaning up pollution in it's urban waterways. In addition, the District is obligated to manage and reduce pollution in urban stormwater to meet the conditions of the Municipal Separate Sewer System (MS4) permit . A major component of the MS4 permit is this Implementation Plan, which will guide the District in reducing pollution in the MS4 and support achievement of Clean Water Act goals for District waterways. Nspiregreen provided technical support including GIS capabilities in development of the Implementation Plan.
  • EnergySmart DC

    EnergySmart DC

    The first phase of the EnergySmart DC plan provides an energy vision for the District as a national leader, with specific short (1 to 5 years) and long-term energy goals as well as strategies and initiatives for accomplishing these energy goals within the next 10 years. EnergySmart DC provides strategies that align with the Mayor Gray's Sustainable DC Plan and the Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CEP provides a comprehensive set of energy efficiency and renewable energy goals and recommendations that will put the city on a path to reducing energy consumption, increasing local generation and clean power usage, ensuring energy reliability and affordability, and creating green jobs for District residents.
  • 16th Street Transit Priority Study

    16th Street Transit Priority Study

    moveDC, the District’s multimodal transportation plan, identified 16th Street NW as a transit priority corridor. The buses on 16th Street NW currently serve more than 20,000 bus riders each weekday, making it one of the highest in the region for ridership; more than half of the people traveling on 16th Street NW during the peak period are bus riders. The purpose of the planning study is to improve transit performance and reliability. The study area is 16th Street NW between Arkansas Avenue NW and H Street NW.

    Nspiregreen led the public engagement for the project. In addition to interacting with the public, Nspiregreen developed all the meeting materials including boards, comment cards, Title VI forms, rack cards, posters, and surveys. Nspiregreen supported data collection for the existing conditions report and reviewed the transit data analysis and draft alternatives.


Small Business Majority
Community Development Award
Women's Transportation Seminar
DC Chapter - Employer of the Year
Congress Heights Community Organization
Small Business Women of the Year



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